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Bring up excluded adolescent mothers, however they are.

Hope Within

« i was hopeless, you gave me hope »

« Hope Within » is the work of rescuing and educating younger girls-adolescent mothers: abused and pregnanted, rejected from schools and abandoned by their families into a homelessness life with crying kids on their back.

The girls are in between 12-20 years old faced the abuse and changed the course of their life, spoiled their hope. Our heart is for such girls who are increasing in Burundi, in cities and villges.

We carry the good news and reach the girls with their babies offering our prayer support, counseling, some material helps for the babies, trainings, etc.

This is what SONSHIP really means to us, this our DNA.

We are praying, to be able to open us a training school in:

  • Cooking,
  • Household,
  • Public speaking,
  • Sewing

SPREAD THE WORK, SUPPORT  »Hope Within Center »

Help one adolescent mother to restart afresh her life, give future to a no future baby