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Burundi is one of the smallest country in Africa and the poorest in the world with the population of 11,720,081. Since its independence in 1962 Burundi has never got a sustainable and steady period of PEACE and real development in all sectors of life. In all these years Burundian have been in wars and social conflicts until today in 2020 when families keep fleeing the country, leaving their children behind, children become orphans due to social conflicts and poverty which drive people to kill each other, children are orphaned, abandoned, and abused.

The current Government since 2005 allowed the free education to primary education so poor children may have access on education but it still a big challenge for a big number of children to access the education although the efforts of the Government, UNHCR and charity organizations, more than half a million of children have no access on education, very few children from well privileged families have a world-class education.

Our School Social workers at Sonship Burundi

and volunteers

Sonship was able to establish a school ‘‘CAMP KIDS ACADEMY’’ to children from 3 years old to 6 years old; Sonship has in mind to grow it and extend it to many levels and add the primary, secondary and university as the long term vision. It is hard to provide all the needs to the school or to children, the Sonship school has no capacity to welcome many children as it has only 3 classes, sonship sends and assists yearly other children to other private and public schools. Sonship is calling to action to individuals or organizations to fund their project on extending their classes to add other levels to be able to bring in many children possible by September 2020 Sonship also seeks on reaching the At-Risk young adults with the Library and the school of music. With one step on setting a small library of 400 books in the goal 10000 books.

The School of Sonship, CAMP KIDS ACADEMY is a bilingual school, which welcomes children who pay the school fees and the children targeted by sonship for a free education. The school fees from parents *(with ability) who have their children in the school go directly to support other orphaned children sent to other schools because Sonship has no classes for them.


Join us to offer this priceless gift 2 Millions children

Help spread to word to organizations or individuals who can help Sonship extend the school and establish the school in many other regions to reach more children. Our School Social Workers are trained and are highly devoted to serving children as they share the same backgrounds, but they are in need of much trainings with the volunteers who are serving with them assisting and teaching as they need to become the full school social workers.