Breaking the vicious cycle of Poverty through education…

It is with such goal that Sonship, after realizing the fact that Education can break the vicious cycle of poverty and contribute in the improvement of the country ‘s economy, it introduced in 2019 a private bilingual pre-school for children aged between 3 and 6 years with an objective of bringing-up children by promoting and enriching the experiences so far acquired from community and family in such areas as religion, languages, culture, health, etc.

The general goal of this school is to offer education of high quality basing on Burundi Ministry of Education Curriculum. It is a bilingual private school with affordable tuition fees to give all children the chance to attend and even fully support those who can’t afford such as orphans and abandoned ones to have a free access to Education. The collected fees go directly to sponsor other children in villages to go school. Kid to Kid sponsorship

SONSHIP also has its plan in future to have university for children who started from there to finish their studies with the same methodology depending on availability of fund as it is in the process of requesting grants from different resources.

The priority need of this project is to have an Education institution which will join hand with the ministry of education’s effort of having a nation with high level of education at all levels ; a nation which produces the quality and quantity of educated people sufficiently equipped with the requisite knowledge to solve the society’s problems in order to meet the challenges of development and attain competitiveness at regional and global.

The objectives

  1. To provide a rich, stimulated and caring environment in which the child feels happy, safe and confident.
  2. To help all children to be happy, confident, and enthusiastic learners.
  3. To encourage creative, enquiring minds.
  4. To enable each child to reach their full potential by fostering self esteem and a sense of achievement.
  5. To encourage the development skills and attitudes to promote lifelong learning.
  6. To provide high quality teaching and learning experiences to enable all children to achieve highest possible standards in all areas of the curriculum which is broad, balanced, relevant, differenciated and also meets the needs of all children with special educational needs.
  7. To continuously review and monitor our practice to raise standards.
  8. To respect and care for the school environment and local community.
  9. To ensure equal opportunities for all students
  10. To foster an awareness of acceptable standards of work, attitude, and behaviour, both in and out of school.
  11. To ensure that discrimination on any ground is not tolerated.
  12. To foster good relationships between the home and school, welcoming parents into the school and encourage them to work partnership and harmony with the staff.
  13. To always be reflective and evaluate for constant improvement.

The results

By providing Education, SONSHIP expects to see each student :

  1. Has the ability to think clearly, critically and independently
  2. Has good judgement
  3. Knows how to acquire desired skills by identifying and utilizing available resources, constructing the process required for learning a particular skill, and experimenting with potential approaches,
  4. Has the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas in writing, clearly and concisely,
  5. Has the ability to reason analytically and critically,
  6. Understands human nature and has the ability to establish, mainatin, and improve lasting relationships,
  7. Knows how to cooperate and collaborate effectively with others,
  8. Knows how to resolve conflict with others,
  9. Is able to cross disciplinary boundaries and explore problems and their solutions from multiple perspectives
  10. Has the ability and discipline to do what is right
  11. Has equal esteem for everyone, without regard to gender, race, religion, country origin, etc
  12. Has the ability to pursue lifelong learning.