Sonship Schools

Sonship has established a Missioned International elementary school. It is a home of both orphaned children for free education and children supported by their families. with mission to provide early Christ-centered education that will flex a generation of God-fearing leaders.

Sonship Homes

OCC homes are orphanages where Sonship live with adopted children. The children we adopt are babies orphaned or abandoned at birth or under 1 year old. Sonship supports self cared orphaned children and young adults in their homes.


Bringing up excluded adolescent mothers subjected to abuse.

Medical Missions, HELPSTAND

”HelpStand” is a Sonship Nursing Volunteer Program, with aim to give back to humanity through strengthening access to basic healthcare, awareness campaign and health education session in local hospitals we partner. Our volunteers also give hours to work in hospitals in a very great need of Nurses and Doctors. Helpstand creates good opportunities to discipleship of patients we serve.

Biblical Based Business

Investment As Ministry, IAM is a mission driven business of Sonship with major work on investing into single mothers with business knowledge and funding to build local networks to create both jobs-financial and discipleship opportunities together.

Same as ”Mantiki” with service of mediation, arbitration and negotiation.

Evangelism & Discipleship

Sonship works in partnership with Churches locally in Burundi and Rwanda to create opportunities for evangelism and discipleship to bring people to know Jesus and grow in relationship with Him. Build communities on the foundation of love and understanding the spirit of Sonship. We have planted 7 churches and 14 village outreaches.